Angelus & Biothane - A Perfect Finish
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BioThane® + Angelus - A Perfect Finish

We've been amazed by the demand for Biothane® coated webbing since launching the brand in Australia in 2020, and we're constantly impressed by the creative uses our customers have found for it. From bridles, collars and harnesses for dogs, humans and all sorts of other creatures, to leads and safety gear.

Biothane® comes in a huge range of styles and colours, but the one thing they all have in common is the comfortable coating around a strong, non-stretch, reinforced webbing core.

Biothane® has endless uses for the creative maker, but there's just one problem: that ever-so-slightly unsightly webbing showing through at the end of a strap. When cut neatly with a sharp knife or punch, this webbing might not bother you, but maybe you want a neat, colour-matched seal?

Well, we found just the solution sitting just three aisles down in our West Melbourne superstore!

Introducing: Angelus Acrylic Paint

Known to sneaker customizers, leathercrafters and shoe repairers around the world as the best way to achieve vibrant colours on flexible surfaces, Angelus Acrylic Paint is, like Biothane, made in the USA to the highest quality standards. It uniquely provides a long-lasting, pliable coating to real leather, synthetic leather, fabric, vinyl and just about any non-rigid part of shoes, bags and furniture

Earlier this year, during one of our lockdowns here in Melbourne, we decided to conduct an experiment to see if Angelus Acrylic Paints would work just as well on Biothane as on all those other surfaces. Spoiler alert: it does. With only one or two coats, using the brush provided inside the cap, you can seal away the webbing, leaving a professional, hard-wearing coloured end to your projects. It's so easy:

Step 1 - Cut your Biothane® strap.
Step 2 - Paint the end. Done!

Given the massive colour range available in both Biothane® and Angelus, we figured there might be some matches, but we were delighted to find that there's an Angelus paint colour for almost every product in the Biothane® range. Just look in the "Related Products" section under any Biothane® product, and you'll find the matching 29ml Angelus Acrylic Paint colour.









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