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H. Leffler & Son Pty Ltd has been supplying leather and associated products to many industries for over 77 years, our range of products covers more than 9500 different lines. The range is so vast that customers have been heard to say:

“If you can’t find it at Leffler’s you just won’t find it!”

Our company was started in 1932 by Henry Wilby Leffler (Dec. 1957) as a supplier of leather, mainly to the shoe industry, located in Albert park, Victoria. In the very same year his son Richard (Dick) Leffler (Dec. 1998) was born. Dick joined the business full time in 1953 and immediately commenced developing new markets for Saddlery, Craft & Upholstery Leather.

Dick would see many new products on his many travels overseas and purchase large quantities he believed the Australian market needed. In many cases he would send the new lines out to the customers and say “just pay me when you have sold them”. In this way Dick not only grew the market but also financed many businesses to grow with it.

Over 91 years after its inception, the Leffler family still own the Company. The family and its staff continue to drive the business into the new millennium with modern technology and a desire to satisfy our customer needs by searching the world for new and interesting products

Anyone looking to start leather crafting or expand their knowledge will need to have the right tools and products. Any good leatherworker will tell you that the quality of your tools and materials will greatly impact the end product that you're trying to sell to your customers. When you invest in quality tools, you can create quality desirable products.

Adhesives, Paints, and Dyes

At Leffler, we offer a wide variety of adhesives, paints, and dyes for all of your leatherworking projects. Our adhesives include top brands like Foss, Renia,  Bondura, and Bostik and are available in various sizes ranging from 500 ML to 20 litres. Crafting the perfect colour product starts with our full line of Angelus and TRG dyes and paints. We've also got a full lineup of TRG leather renovating balm and TRG Dubbin waxes, oils, and conditioners.

Bag Fittings

There's no denying the fact that leather bags are a hot selling item no matter what season it is. The difference between selling more bags or not sometimes comes down to the fittings that you choose. We offer a variety of styles so that you can cater to a wide variety of client demands. Enjoy choosing between locks, handles, corners, bag snaps, magnetic catches, and latches.

Belt and Craft Leather

Another hot selling item for many leatherworkers is customised belts. We sell only the highest quality leather from Argentina, Brazil, Italy and the UK in precut belt straps, double butts, double shoulders, Kangaroo Lacing, and leather thonging. You can find all of the leather hides you need to craft your unique belts and other leather crafts for your new and loyal customers.

Leatherwork Books

Whether you're a new leatherworker or you're looking to upgrade your skills, we offer a plethora of leatherwork books to meet your every need. Enjoy books on braided belts, western floral designs, beginning leatherwork, bushcraft, hand sewing leather projects, saddle construction, unique knots, and so much more.


No matter what your leatherworking project is, we have a variety of both metal and plastic fittings that can get the job done. Enjoy uniquely crafted studs, money clips, belt roller slides, belt buckles, brass clinches, buttons, clip and dees, and so much more. Our metal fittings include antique, brass, copper, gilt, nickel, and stainless steel.

Kits and Finished Goods

You'll be sure to find the perfect leathercraft tool kit to fit your experience and style. From basic tool kits to DIY leather project kits, we have it all. You can even top off your leather projects with our finished hatbands, pouches, and watch covers.


Working leather requires not only specialised tools but also requires specific materials to bring your concept to life. We have a variety of elastic, thread, velcro®, cord and rope, webbing, and zips. You'll be sure to find the ideal materials you need to finish your customised leatherwork.


Any leatherworker knows that good leather tools are an absolute necessity for producing high-quality products. At Leffler, we offer many different leather working tools that can bring your projects to life. Our most popularly sold leather craft tools include awls, bevelling tools, hammers, mallets, groovers, markers, pliers, punches, setters, stamps, and cutting tools.

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