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Kachita Cowhide Patchwork Rugs

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Custom Made

Our extensive range of natural patchwork cowhide rugs are also available in dyed and stencil printed designs are second to none in quality.
These hard wearing cow hides can be used in applications such as feature floor rugs, wall hangings or upholstery coverings.
They vary in area and are available in any custom size.
The patch squares vary from 5cm x 5cm up to 40cm x 40cm with increments of 5cm, with or without a 10cm border as desired.

Of course, the natural hides vary in pattern and colour so every rug is absolutely unique and you will never find another like it.

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Beige kachita cowskin rugsSolid Beige Rug


Green & Orange kachita cowskin rugs

Black & orange kachita cownskin rugsChess Orange/Black


Hole Punch Rug
Fenix Brown & White
Black kachita cowskin rug
Hole Punch Rug
Brown & White Fenix
Solid Black
Building Blocks Rug
Beige kachita cowskin rug
Black & beige kachita cowskin rug
Building Blocks Rug
Solid Beige
White & Black
Party Animal Rug
Sideways Rug
Curtain Raiser Rug
Party Animal Rug
Sideways Grey Rug
Curtain Raiser Rug
Blast Off Rug
Blast Off Rug
Beige & White
30D Black & Cognac
Carnival Rug
30B Cognac & Black
Chess Black & Brown
Carnival Rug


Green & Orange kachita cowskin rugsselection patchwork rugs

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